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Achieving Transport Efficiency Through The Architectural Design of A Multimodal Transport Terminal In Greater Port Harcourt City

Volume: 74  ,  Issue: 1 , April    Published Date: 21 April 2021
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 857  ,  Download: 1668 , Pages: 116 - 128    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP100741420211846


# Author Name
1 Baridakara igbara
2 Enwin Anthony Dornubari
3 Simeon Igbara


This study reviews the current state of the transport system in Port Harcourt with a view to incorporate a workable multimodal terminal in greater Port Harcourt City. The study highlights that the existing transport system in Port Harcourt still grapples with problems of uncoordinated or poorly maintained public transport infrastructures, proliferation of illegal parks as well as the general deterioration of existing public terminals. Furthermore, there are no specific transport link between the water, road and rail transport network to allow ease of movement of people and goods across the transport modes. The study reviewed existing multimodal terminals in terms in functionality, circulation, spacing and the overall contribution to the transport system. It was found that the multimodal terminals provided a seamless, gapless and cost-effective transport operations which gives transport users maximum flexibility to decide for themselves on the optimum use of combination of different modes in transportation of freight. Hence, the study recommends the design and implementation of functional and aesthetically pleasant multimodal terminal that seeks to drive ease of movement of goods and services, comfort, convenience and contemporary travel experience amongst road and rail commuters in Greater Port Harcourt. With Port Harcourt city being one of the major hubs of economic activities south of Nigeria, the development of a multimodal terminal as well as the overall development of the multimodal transport will help increase the quantum of economic activities and living standards.


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