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Volume: 6  ,  Issue: 1 , June    Published Date: 23 June 2018
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 750  ,  Download: 369


# Author Name
1 Muhammad, Auwal Sulaiman
2 Muhammad Mujtaba Abdulkadir


In the name of Allah, the Beneficent the Merciful. All praises are due to Allah the Lord of the worlds. All praises are due to Allah to the number of His creation, to the beauty of His throne, to the contentment He has with Himself, to the boundlessness of His words, to the endlessness of His knowledge, to the number of all things which He has willed, created and originated. He is the knower of the unseen worlds and the witnessed worlds. He is the universally Compassionate and the individually Merciful, the King, the Holy, the Mighty and the Wise. I bear witness that there is no deity except Allah, the Singular who has no partner. To Him belong the kingdom and the praise. He alone gives life and death because He is the Living who will never die. In His hands is every good and He has power over all things.

I bear witness that Muhammad, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, is His slave and messenger, His beloved, His bosom friend, His sincere confidant, His repository of intimate discourse and His chosen above all the creation. He sent him with the guidance and the religion Truth in order to make it prevail over all other religions even though the idolaters may hate it.

The researchers sought permission from members  of the Sheikh family to get and translate the Manuscript  titled Mftahu at-Tauhid written by his father (Sheikh Abdulkadir Musa Jahun) from Arabic to English and the permission was granted, it took me some days to do the work, Alhamdulillah, I have done my best to study the manuscript and I found it beneficial, the author purposely wrote the book to reply a book published in April, 1988 titled in Hausa (Shin Isa A.S Zai Dawo?) meaning: ‘What is the Possibility of the Return of Jesus A.S?’, (the author of the said book concluded that Jesus is not alive in heaven but that he died in his own time as did other prophets and that Jesus, the son of Mary will not return for the  second time A.M Sunusi Gumbi ( 5) while the author of this book (Miftahu at-Tauhid) on the other hand, quoted Quranic and  Hadiths statements which speak of the raising of the Prophet Jesus as  justification for the view of the majority of scholars that Jesus Christ did not die but was raised by Allah and that he will make a second appearance at a time which will be appointed by Allah Himself and known to Him alone. However, moreover, the author discussed on the appearance of Dajjal, risen of the sun from the place of its settings and the emergence of al-Mahdi as among the ten signs of an hour.

We found the manuscript unpublished work with few headings, without table of contents,  date, pagination and the sources need to be acknowledged in accordance with the modern guides of research, and I was told by his son that the manuscript was written around 1989 to 1990, while the Sheikh was alive. I tried within the limited time to acknowledge most of the sources quoted in the manuscript based on the rule of MLA Citations (6th Edition). Although, the author named the book Miftahu at-Tauhih (Key of Theology), I observed that Tauhid death with wide areas, while this book discussed some aspects of it, I therefore, suggested that, the title to be reconstructed in English as ‘Key of Theology on the return of Prophet Jesus (A.S)’  

We warmly welcome any meaningful contribution or corrections of errors or mistakes of commission or omission. May Allahu Jalla Wa’ala bless this work and make it beneficial for all who intend to benefit from it.  


Muhammad Auwal Sulaiman


Muhammad Mujtaba Abdulkadir