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Level Of Knowledge Of General Doctors At RSU F.L. Tobing Sibolga Concerning Visum Et Repertum Development Before and After Training

Volume: 108  ,  Issue: 1 , September    Published Date: 10 September 2022
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 256  ,  Download: 231 , Pages: 292 - 297    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1001081920223873


# Author Name
1 Roland Sanggam Parlindungan Tambuna
2 Doaris Ingrid Marbun
3 Dessy Darmayani Harianja
4 Adriansyah Lubis
5 Rizki Arviandi


Visum et Repertum as evidence to replace the victim's body, which is made by a doctor in accordance with a written request from the investigator. Based on registration data, the National Police recorded that during the 2020 period there were 247,218 crime incidents. The demand for making Visum et Repertum is increasing because it is around 50-70%. This research is an experimental study with a before and after design to describe the level of knowledge of general practitioners at RSU FL. Tobing about making a clinical Visum et Repertum systematically and accurately. Conducted at RSU F.L. Tobing Sibolga from March to July 2022. The sample is General Practitioners at RSU F.L. Tobing Sibolga who met the inclusion and exclusion criteria were obtained using a total sampling technique, where research subjects were asked to make a Visum et Repertum based on real cases that had been prepared in advance through photographs. Based on the calculation of the results of tests conducted on 30 respondents, it was stated that before the training there were 23 respondents who did not know or did not understand about the making of Visum Et Repertum Treatment. Then there are only 7 respondents who understand and understand the making of Visum Et Repertum for Injury. Meanwhile, after the training resulted 25 respondents who already understand and understand the making of Visum Et Repertum Treatment. There are only 5 more respondents who do not understand and understand the making of Visum Et Repertum for Injury. The level of knowledge of General Practitioners at RSU F.L. Tobing Sibolga regarding the making of Visum et Repertum for live victims of injury cases before being given the material, 23 people (76%), middle 5 people (16%), and 2 people got good results (8%). Meanwhile, after being given the material, it was found that the results of making a bad visa were 0 people (0%), middle 8 people (27%), and good as many as 22 people (73%). There was an increase in the ability to make Visum et Repertum after being given the material. Where the value of the quality of the post-mortem before being given the material was 45.09% (poor) increased to 71.77% (medium).


  • F.L Tobing General Hospital; General Practitioner; Knowledge Level; Visum et Repertum