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Integration of Kinesthetic Approaches in the Core Academic Subjects: A Compendium

Volume: 80  ,  Issue: 1 , July    Published Date: 08 July 2021
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 119  ,  Download: 71 , Pages: 1 - 23    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP100801720212048


# Author Name
1 Joey D. Jabonete
2 Cresencio L. Mejarito


Kinesthetic mode of learning involves the use of movements and other kinesthetic sense which provides an authentic learning experience to actively engage students in a lesson and create connections with real-world situations. As educators adopt new ways of teaching in this time of pandemic, the integration of kinesthetic approaches in teaching and learning can positively influence students’ learning experience. It is in this direction that this study is conceived with the aim to determine the integration of kinesthetic approaches in the teaching of the core academic subjects in the prepared modular distance learning kit for the junior high students during the first quarter of S.Y. 2020-2021. Quantitative approach, specifically the descriptive research method is used in this research and the self-learning modules are the primary sources of data. The following findings were revealed: (1) The extent of integration of kinesthetic approaches in the core academic subjects: English, Math, Science and Social Studies was seldom integrated; (2) There are no preferred kinesthetic approaches integrated into the modules of the core academic subjects; and (3) kinesthetic approaches are integrated in the activity part of the module. Moreover, the study aimed to develop a compendium of kinesthetic approaches that can be integrated into the learning modules to keep students actively engage with learning materials and at the same time, fulfilling their physical and cognitive growths.


  • kinesthetic teaching
  • kinesthetic learning
  • kinesthethic approach
  • printed modular instruction