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Reflective teaching approach: Immersing students in the value of learning

Volume: 108  ,  Issue: 1 , September    Published Date: 04 September 2022
Publisher Name: IJRP
Views: 741  ,  Download: 560 , Pages: 115 - 130    
DOI: 10.47119/IJRP1001081920223839


# Author Name
1 Elymar A. Pascual


As reflective teaching approach is one of the five approaches being promoted to be used for 21st century learners, alongside collaborative, constructivism, integrative and inquiry-based, it turns out that this approach is the least used, explored and studied. Learners nowadays are not into the habit of reflecting on their ways, their words and actions – they just want to hear from others and be elated on what others would say to them. This study focused on the investigation of the reflective teaching approach implemented in distance learning through the closure part of the teacher-made, QR-coded brochure being distributed as supplemental materials to learners, and the writing on the reflective journal as learners debrief themselves on the topic of the lesson in General Mathematics and Statistics & Probability. Thirty-two ABM learners during the school year 2020-2021 had their Mathematics performance without using reflective approach compared to the Mathematics performance of thirty-four ABM learners of school year 2021-2022, using reflective approach. Using t-test for independent sample means, it was found out that there is a significant difference in their performance, in that, learners perform better when reflective teaching approach was used. Online survey was administered to the 34 ABM learners who were exposed to reflective teaching approach and they rated the ethic of caring aspect of the approach as very highly satisfactory, ownership of learning as very highly satisfactory, practical sense as highly satisfactory, looking into cause or reasons as very highly satisfactory, and the self-checking aspect of the reflective approach as very highly satisfactory. Included in the online survey is the open-ended question which deals with the benefits of reflective teaching approach, and the theme generated from the responses is this: “Reflective teaching helps students understand better as it fosters view of real life, seeking reasons for learning and gaining knowledge that leads to professional growth in future.” Recommendations were laid down for Mathematics teachers, Department of Education officials and curriculum developer.


  • reflective
  • self-checking
  • knowledge
  • Mathematics
  • education